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Why Should You Participate in Your Company’s Next Engagement Initiative?

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Employee engagement programs and activities are designed to create a positive work environment, raise morale, and improve communication among employees. Employee engagement is the degree to which employees feel motivated and engaged with their job, role, and organization. Engaged employees (unlike disengaged employees) are generally high achievers and passionate about doing their best and helping their company succeed. After deciding to join a company, you should still be interested in employee engagement initiatives. This is because by engaging in employee engagement activities, you can impact the culture of your organization and impact the future of your workplace.

Here’s some reasons why you should participate in your company’s engagement activity:

1. Your health could improve

When it comes to employee engagement, happiness often takes center stage – and for good reason! When employees are healthy, they are more productive, engaged and motivated at work. There are many types of wellness programs in the workplace, including stepping challenges, weight loss challenges, or programs that reward health-related goals. Many of these programs include health benefits like exercise equipment, free wellness classes, healthy snacks, nutritional resources, and more.

2. You’ll Have More Fun at Work

When done well, employee engagement activities make work more meaningful, inspiring, and fun. They will also help you feel more connected to your teammates and more aligned with your company's mission and purpose. By participating in group activities such as team building exercises, community service events, or social outings, employees can build stronger relationships with co-workers and feel better. more engaged in their workplace. In a remote working environment, building close relationships with teammates is even more important. If you want a more collaborative and productive team, participating in these virtual interactions and team building activities is a must.

3. You’ll Feel Less Stressed

Engaged employees often experience higher levels of job satisfaction and a sense of control over their workload. Research has consistently shown a negative relationship between job satisfaction and stress levels. Participating in employee engagement programs that promote job satisfaction can indirectly help reduce stress.

4. Your Productivity May Increase

Engaging in employee engagement activities can also help improve your productivity. Activities that improve mental health, such as meditation, can also increase your ability to redirect and maintain attention. It can help you be more productive, which can ultimately help you succeed in your role.

5. You’ll Have Better Career Growth Opportunities

Finally, employee engagement activities can provide career growth opportunities. By participating in training sessions, mentoring programs, or other career development activities, employees can gain new skills and knowledge that can help them advance in their careers. It can also lead to greater job satisfaction and a clearer sense of purpose in their work.

Overall, engaging in employee engagement activities can benefit you in many ways, both at work and at home. From improving company culture to promoting employee happiness, productivity and career growth, these activities can have a positive impact on both employers and employees. So next time your business offers interactive activity, take advantage of it and reap the benefits!

Speaking about employee engagement programs, TechConnect has one exciting upcoming activity where all employees from all business units can participate. In celebration of Indonesia's 78th Independence Day, TechConnect is holding #TechConnectAgustusan to enhance employee engagement and create a better workplace environment. There are two major activities yWhy Should You Participate in Your Company’s Next Engagement Initiative?ou can register: Sports Competition and Fun Challenge, each with their own categories. We also have offline fun games and activities on 16th August 2023 at the office. We hope this activity can inspire employees to engage with their office and colleagues and reap the many benefits as well as improve their productivity at work.

Stay tuned on our social media for the next updates about the excitement of the event soon!

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