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What is VUCA and How to Deal with It?


In the world of business and work, VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) is a term used to describe new, unpredictable circumstances. Oftentimes, situations like this can make individuals and organizations stop at one point or even unable to face the onslaught.

Therefore, let's get to know the VUCA era more deeply and how to overcome it through the following points:

1. Volatility

In this case, changes occur suddenly which pose new challenges for individuals and organizations. Quick and right decisions are very important. For this reason, being able to see the potential for change and being adaptive is an ability that must be possessed if you want to survive.

2. Uncertainty

Uncertainty occurs when a lack of information is obtained. For that, try to find information by listening to the needs and problems facing your market or audience. Turn this into a solution you can offer.

3. Complexity

Complexity makes things seem complicated and it is difficult to understand the direct cause of the problem. Wisdom is needed to identify all components so that careful consideration, communication, collaboration and teamwork must be well established.

4. Ambiguity

This state is defined when things seem confusing or misleading. Then the solution to a situation like this is agility. Take this situation as a momentum to do some experimentation. From here, you can get a clear picture of the suitable and required solution.

By recognizing VUCA, you can prepare the skills and knowledge needed so that your chances of surviving and even creating extraordinary works and innovations will be much greater.

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