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Ways To Make Deadline Your Best Friend

Source: WIRED

If you find yourself getting frazzled and stressed at work because you’re not getting your tasks done on time, you need to get organized and manage your time better. Even if your workdays are never the same, you can still organize your days and manage your tasks in a way that will help you complete everything on time—and thoroughly.

Here are some time management tips that will significantly boost your productivity and help you meet your deadlines.

1. Set Goals. Make a list of your goals for the week. Write down any goal you wish to achieve, whether it’s work-related or not. Then organize your work-related goals into large and small goals.

2. Put Together a Checklist. Create a daily checklist so you can cross off the goals you’ve accomplished.

3. Set aside uninterrupted time. Let yourself have an afternoon of uninterrupted work to tackle a big goal, or to finish several smaller goals. Once you start working on a goal, don’t stop until it’s complete or until your time frame is done.

4. Prioritize. Remember to prioritize your goals. Larger goals that have to get done sooner are the ones you should be working on first.

5. Know Your Productive Period. People have different periods during the day when they’re most productive. Some are more productive in the morning, others in the afternoon. Find out when your most productive time of the day is and schedule your most important goals then. This will help you stay more focused and on task.

Having deadlines and meeting them can be an effective way to make sure you achieve your long and short-term goals. Regardless of their nature, deadlines can have a direct influence on your future plans. Being able to meet a deadline is an important trait, but it takes discipline and determination. Using these time management tips, you can endure the stress from meeting a deadline, and actually make deadlines your best friend!


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