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Things You Should Do at Work Before a Long Vacation

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Soon the Christmas and New Year holidays will come. Enjoying vacation time can be a way to restore energy and take a break from all the work routines. However, if you don't prepare properly, you could come back feeling more stressed than when you left.

So you have to make sure the work left behind doesn't interfere with your vacation. Here are 3 things you should do to prepare for your vacation:

1. Call a high priority client or customer a week or two before you leave

Tell them you will be away for a while. For that, ask if there's anything they need before you leave. Try to complete the work related to them. It also shows that you are thinking about them.

2. Be strategic with your schedule

Many people complain about the stress of getting all their work done before the holidays, and then the stress of catching up and being overwhelmed when they get back. For that reason, don't order anything essential the day before your vacation or your first day back. Plan effectively so that you can leave work several hours earlier the day before so as not to add to your stress level substantially.

3. Start prioritizing your workload early, recognizing you'll never get everything done

Before you leave, set clear goals for what you can complete, and what is okay to continue after you return. There may even be some 'vacation doable' work that you are welcome to take with you, For example, catching up on business reading.

If you can manage these things well, then you can have a peaceful vacation and come back happy. So make sure to start preparing yourself to tidy up your work.

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