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The Traits of Inclusive Leadership

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To enable an organization to adapt to a variety of customers, markets, ideas and talent, inclusive leadership is needed within an organization. A leader’s visible awareness of bias is the most important trait that generates a sense of inclusiveness especially for those working around a leader, such as a manager, direct report or peers.

It is very important to start inclusive leadership as early as possible in your team. You can evaluate whether you have applied inclusive learning by looking at these signature traits:

  1. Visible commitment: Diversity and inclusion is a personal priority. An inclusive leader is always trying to challenge the status quo and make every team member accountable.

  2. Humility: They create the space for others to contribute to any project. Also, be modest about capabilities and admit mistakes.

  3. Awareness of bias: Showing awareness of personal deficiencies that need to be improved and imperfection of the system. On the other hand, they always work hard to ensure a meritocracy.

  4. Curiosity about others: Inclusive leaders have an open mindset and are eager to get to know others, listen with no judgmental opinion, and seek with empathy to place themselves in other’s shoes.

  5. Cultural intelligence: They are attentive to others’ cultures and adapt as required.

  6. Effective collaboration: They empower others and focus on team cohesion. They put their eyes on diversity of thinking and psychological safety.

Becoming the inclusive leader to your team is a key to progress. So if you want to create a bigger path, try to understand and pay attention to your team members.

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