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The Right Community for Making A Headway

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We are social humans and our instinct is to find strength in groups. A research from Washington State University even said that those suffering from social anxiety and FOMO (fear of missing out) are found in all ages and correlates with low self-esteem and low self-compassion. Therefore, without realizing it, this refers to the need for the presence of a community that can support us mentally to keep moving forward.

For that, make sure you have chosen the right community by looking at these three things:

1. Purpose

A good community has a clear and strong purpose. For this reason, each member should be aware of their role. These roles are interrelated and support each other to build community.

2. Belonging

When we become part of a community that moves forward, we feel the warmth of brotherhood, friendship, and a sense of mutual connection. Everyone has a place and a role and feel they can bring themselves into their work and team. They also feel a high level of psychological trust and security where everyone feels supported, benefited and has space to apply their talents and develop new ones. In addition, the needs of each member and the needs of the entire organization are fully met.

3. Resilience

Development is a testament to a strong community. They are not immune from difficult circumstances, instead they are able to adapt and become stronger when they face it together. The most effective communities also support members who take risks, try new things, and take risks to create and innovate.

Seeing the importance of community, TechConnect also provides a community for young people, fresh graduates, and people who are eager to learn about the digital world, science, technology, engineering, mathematics, future business, and many more. Currently, the TechConnect community has been formed in the Telegram group with regular activities in the form of direct discussions. If you are interested in developing yourself with us, come join our community directly through this link

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