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The Power of Micro-Habits: 5 Keystone to Help Supercharge Your Success

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Building better habits is difficult, especially when you’re just starting. Major changes barely work. Aiming for a giant leap doesn't end well. The only way to overcome obstacles is to start with a consistent plan that is too small to fail: a habit-forming system that fits your personality, attitude, environment, and goals in life. A small daily action is far better and more impactful than a big change you can't sustain. It's also a practical and accessible way to teach your brain healthy habits.

Here are 5 keystones that can help superchange your success:

1. Active Goal Setting

Many of us set goals, but we don't manifest them properly. We fail to write them down and articulate what we want, why we want it, and when we want it. When goals are written down, they are much more realistic. The simple fact that they are on paper makes all the difference. When we write them, it forces us to imagine them and define them. Whatever the mind focuses on, it tends to see and understand over time. But it's not just about setting long-term goals. The key habit of positive goal setting also involves monthly, weekly, and daily goal setting. Set your long-term goals and break them down into milestones.

2. Effective Time Management

Effective time managers are among the most self-taught and productive in the world. When you can manage your time effectively, it means you can gradually work towards your goals, no matter the situation. This key habit involves using a system like the Quadrant Time Tracking System that categorizes all activities into four distinct quadrants based on urgency and importance. Either things that are important and urgent (1), important but not urgent (2), unimportant but urgent (3), or unimportant and not urgent (4).

3. Minutes of Exercise

Exercise is quite possibly one of the most beneficial basic habits. It helps invigorate the body, clear the mind and rejuvenate the spirit. It helps provide oxygen to the blood, improves health and reduces the risk of disease, and increases our motivation to do more. Exercise helps build momentum by establishing a small victory, which helps attract the onslaught of other good habits. When you exercise, you become more aware of the health choices you make throughout the day, and you pay more attention to your body's basic needs.

4. Daily Gratitude

While we all tend to want everything, not all of us tend to appreciate what we already have. There are many natural disasters and conflicts in the world. People suffer and die. There are poverty, famine, war, disease, genocide and oppression. Many of us are so busy living our lives of deprivation that we forget to see the abundance around us. Take 15 minutes in the morning and write down everything you're grateful for. Whether you have big problems or not doesn't matter. Just write down what you are grateful for.

5. Learn a New Skill

Success in life does not come from stagnation. We must always learn and discover new skills, methods and ways of doing things. And, the basic habit is to learn a new skill that can help us achieve our goals, whatever they may be.

Source: Huffpost, Medium

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