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The Most Important Skill for Hybrid Leadership is Self-Awareness

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In today's hybrid work world with in-office and remote work that offers employees greater flexibility, self-awareness is increasingly important. In the interaction between the leader and team members in the hybrid world, building a relationship based on trust and honesty becomes more difficult because there is less direct interaction but human connection is needed too. And here are 4 reasons why self-awareness is absolutely critical for today’s leaders:

1. Improves decision making

When making decisions, self-aware leaders consider their own emotions and biases. This ability is very important when the decision has a significant impact on employees, the team and the organization. That’s why self awareness can improve decision making.

2. Enables leaders to grow

Self-aware leaders are more open about their limitations. They will tend to enhance their skills and modify mindsets and behaviors including receiving candid feedback and pursuing self-improvement.

3. Build trust and credibility.

Harvard Business Review study states self-aware leaders are more likely to be perceived as authentic, fair, trustworthy and credible by their employees. The honesty when leaders acknowledge their mistakes and limitations, it helps build trust and credibility with their team and stakeholders.

4. Keep their emotions in check

With self-awareness, leaders are able to recognize and manage their own emotions that can help them respond more positively even in difficult situations and conflicts. This can improve their ability to lead and manage others as they’re better able to react to challenges or change in positive, less disruptive ways.

Implementing self awareness in leadership is a positive thing to do. This can make your team more developed and complete.

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