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The Journey of A Woman in Engineering with our ENDP Rockstar : Adfiana Pramudaswari

In TechConnect, we believe that anyone of any identity should have the equal opportunity to chase their dream. Let's take a look at the inspiring journey of our Engineering Development Program (ENDP) Rockstar, Adfiana Pramudaswari, and her thoughts about joining the program, her aspirations, and even her hobbies outside of work.

During her career as an engineer, she applies the principle of a good work life balance, where apart from actively carrying out various work activities, she also still has time for activities outside of work.

“I believe a healthy balance is important – I make sure I do a lot of other things outside of work. Recently, I have been into jogging, badminton, and basketball. I also travel outside my city whenever possible, and make time to meet friends or attend concerts.”

“As a team leader, I was also the only woman in a team of all male members. It taught me how to lead others to achieve a common goal by thinking creatively and solving problems on the spot. Everytime I do my job, I always apply Plan, Do, Check, Action. Never stop learning!”

“Here at ENDP, I’m able to show what I can do as a woman in a professional atmosphere. I chose to be an engineer because I thought it would be a lot of fun! Through inventions and solutions, engineers can affect everyone’s lives for the better.”

Through a diverse, equal and inclusive corporate culture, techconnect continues to be committed to creating future leaders who can bring about changes in the future. We hope to continue helping empower TechConnect Troops to break boundaries and create positive impacts in the society.

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