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The Human Touch That Won’t be Replaced by Automation

Source: freepik

Revolutions and transformations are made possible by automation and artificial intelligence (AI). This of course affects the world of work.

However, automation does not simply eliminate the human touch. Automation can only replace simple and repetitive work but when it comes to interpersonal skills, humans are still needed.

Here are several skills that automation can never replace:

1. Empathy

Technology will never be able to understand our feelings and react the way a human can, not even with the most sophisticated learning.

You need empathy to complete those tasks, whether you're a team leader guiding colleagues through a difficult moment, an account manager engaging with clients, or a hiring manager searching for the ideal applicant. Simply put, technology will never be able to compare.

2. Content Creation

Automation can produce or duplicate straightforward material, but it can't properly communicate a brand's story. Without a complete understanding of the human context, it is unable to produce business reports with clear consequences and insights. As a result, there will always be a need for workers who are skilled in content development.

3. Communication

Communication skills cannot be automated because every situation is unique. It takes into account the situation, the values and goals of stakeholders, the historical context, and business goals to effectively communicate. Although technology may be getting closer to being able to recognize facial emotions, it will never be able to communicate as well as a human.

In short, the role of humans still exists even though technology has developed rapidly. The human touch will add value to the result compared to technology.

Source: MichaelPage

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