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The Friday Checklist: Wrapping Up the Week for a Smooth Weekend Ahead

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It's Friday and you're looking at the clock. Your brain has been working at full capacity this week. You need to take a break. You spend all day Friday looking forward to the weekend, then waste most of your weekend worrying about having to go back to work on Monday. This is a common problem. This phenomenon is called “Sunday Fear,” a wave of anxiety that occurs as a new work week approaches. This creates unnecessary stress and affects your ability to enjoy your free time. Even in the ideal position, feeling unprepared can cause Sunday dread. You can reduce this anxiety by ending your work week with a few habits that help you prepare for the week ahead.

With that in mind, here’s how to wrap up your Friday and get your smooth weekend ahead:

1. Schedule Some Friday Preparation Time

Don't overbook your Friday. A busy schedule will leave you stressed and unprepared before the weekend. Instead, take a few free hours to complete pending work for the week and prepare for the next week. This will give you some time to apply as needed.

2. Try to Finish Your Weekly To-Do List

Are there any outstanding goals you want to accomplish this week? You may not be able to iron out all the details in the final hours of Friday, but a little flexibility on the weekend can help you avoid shifting work to Monday.

3. Look Ahead to Next Week’s Calendar

Create a game plan for next week. Check your calendar and see what's coming up. The first goal is simply to get a quick overview of what awaits you. The second goal is to notice something important coming up on Monday or Tuesday that you want to be prepared to handle. There's nothing more annoying than arriving on Monday morning and being surprised by the report due Monday afternoon or that important meeting you forgot about.

4. Get Organized

During a busy week, things can get messy. Your computer has dozens of tabs open. You have partially completed the report and are awaiting final completion. Notes and other documents are waiting to be properly labeled and filed. Before the weekend, clean up that mess, both physical papers and digital files. Here are some specific tasks to consider:

  • Clean up your inbox

  • Complete all pending documents

  • Organize documents/files

  • Declutter your physical space

5. Review Progress on Your Long-Term Goals

Friday isn't just about getting your weekly chores done and looking forward to the next five work days. Remember to check on your long-term goals. This includes larger projects for your employer as well as your broader career ambitions. Record your progress from last week and think about how you can increase your motivation for next week.

6. Set Objectives for Next Week

You've reviewed the events scheduled for next week and assessed your long-term goals. Now you can build a specific plan around these elements. You can start drafting a to-do list to start tackling on Monday. This should be a rough draft (you need to be flexible about what happens next week) that will give you a solid starting point so you can hit the ground running on Monday morning.

7. Enjoy Your Weekend

When it's time to quit work on Friday, look for fun activities to fill your weekend. Even if you need to get some work done, don't turn Saturday and Sunday into a complete extension of the work week. Rest and relax so you are in an optimal headspace before Monday.

Source: Smart Talent

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