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The Excitement Behind SimInvest Fun Bike Supported by TechConnect

Continuing the excitement of the first Fun Bike, the second Fun Bike, located in Qbig, Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD) was held again in a festive manner on Saturday, March 4th. With SimInvest as the main organizer, TechConnect supported this second Fun Bike to successfully gather Sinar Mas Mining TechConnect employees from various business units.

In accordance with the name and the goal of the program, which is "fun", the specified route is not focused on athletic intensity but instead made for the enjoyment of participants. The participants started cycling at 06:00 WIB with a route of approximately 17km. Fun Bike participants were divided into 3 platoons with different speeds so that all employees, from beginners to professionals, can enjoy the event at their preferred pace.

After that, the participants, who were also Sinar Mas Mining TechConnect employees, could socialize and mingle while enjoying other series of events and entertainment such as live music, various door prizes, and exhibitions from Sinar Mas Mining TechConnect's business unit.

Going forward, events like this will continue to be held by TechConnect to support employee welfare and strengthen relationships between business units.

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