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Tempted to Take It Easy on Fridays? Use Them to Set Yourself Up for Success Instead

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Fridays aren't precisely known for their productivity. Indeed, many of us begin our weekends by Friday afternoon, if not sooner. However, if you're going to work on Fridays, there's no cause to sit around waiting for the weekend to begin. You can finish the week feeling much better about your life if you do these three things.

1. Make a schedule for the upcoming week

Even though it's difficult to begin something new on Friday afternoons, it's a good opportunity to consider what Future You should be doing. By doing this on Fridays, you avoid having to devote a portion of your weekend — or other time — to organizing or worrying about what your plans should be.

So, every Friday, set aside some time to reflect on the forthcoming week. Make a three-item priority list for yourself: job, relationships, and self. Why are there three categories? Because it serves as a reminder that there should be something in all three categories and encourages you to live a more balanced existence.

Consider what you want to achieve in these three categories by the conclusion of the upcoming week. Where are these objects going? Then, take a look at what's already on your schedule and figure out how to add new things. Make certain that you have something to look forward to.

2. Absorb the overflow

In general, it is recommended to avoid scheduling many meetings or activities on Fridays and keep your calendar as empty as possible. True time management experts develop what that schedule as a resilient schedule. And the most important thing a resilient schedule requires is some open space so that if something unexpected comes up Monday through Thursday, you always have a place to put it on Friday.

Alternatively, if an urgent matter pushed a previously scheduled priority earlier in the week, you can reschedule that essential matter to Friday. You don't have to keep pushing it to the next week, which will almost certainly have its own problems.

3. Work through your punch list

Filling out forms, replying to non-urgent invitations, paying bills, and other chores and tasks can seem to take up all available room.

They don't require much time, and it's tempting to procrastinate on more important matters by completing some of these. So, here's how to get that cross-it-off pleasure without clogging up your entire schedule: Save these chores for Friday and complete them all at once.

As you work your way through your checklist, you'll feel like a machine. Meanwhile, on Tuesday morning, when you're meant to be doing more in-depth work, you can convince yourself that there will be a time to fill out that form or pay that invoice, but it's not now. You can do it instead on Friday.

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