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TechConnect Held Hackathon #3 Competition and Career Hack Simultaneously

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

TechConnect Hackathon, an information technology-based competition organized by TechConnect, is back with two categories: Bug Bounty and Ideas Generation, with platform partner Nanovest. However, unlike the previous TechConnect Hackathon, TechConnect Hackathon #3 was held in conjunction with the Career Hack at Grha Sabha Pramana, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, last October 20-21. With the same goal of finding reliable talents, these two activities are held for the public and there is no age limit.

More than just an information technology-based competition, TechConnect Hackathon opens opportunities for participants to receive coaching that can be a provision for the development of their abilities and careers. With all the appreciation and opportunities given in TechConnect Hackathon #3, TechConnect looks forward to recruiting top talent in the fields of information, technology, data, and science.

On the other hand, Career Hack is here to capture talents from various fields. A series of activities such as seminars, job interviews, Curriculum Vitae (CV) reviews, and others were carried out at the Career Hack event to prepare talents to develop in the world of work.

In the future, activities like hackathon and career hack will continuously be held by TechConnect to attract reliable talents from various fields so that they have the opportunity to develop according to their abilities and potential.

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