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TechConnect ECDP: An Excellent Opportunity to Boost Your Career

In order to enhance employee performance, TechConnect creates another development program, which is ECDP (Executive Competency Development Program). ECDP is one of TechConnect’s special programs comprehensively designed to Create the next C-Level leaders’ pipeline. The program provides a holistic talent development program, using practice, classroom, coaching and mentoring in a learning journey. Through ECDP we are solving real, game changing business problems that require deep thought and organizational buy-in.

To be able to join this program, there are several requirements that must be met by employees. In this program, we are looking for a self-motivated and always eager to do extra miles worker on a managerial or Senior Managerial level, with a performance category of very good or high performance for the last 2 years. Most importantly, they must be sponsored by a minimum General Manager level and also pass the selection and interview process.

Through this program, employees will get a lot of benefits. ECDP will significantly improve your competencies & leadership capabilities. It’s an excellent opportunity for you to boost your career and get ready to be a future leader. There are 3 takeaways from this program:

  1. You will have an opportunity and exposure to learn beyond your current role. This program unlocks and optimizes your talent.

  2. To ensure you have comprehensive learning experience, the program will provide you with reputable trainers and experts with global exposure.

  3. Lastly, through this program, you will be directly mentored by our top leader.

Compared to other TechConnect Development Programs, this program has a unique selling point which will accelerate your career progression and will be your stepping stone to become our future leader.

If you meet the qualification requirements, dare yourself to learn in ECDP through scanning the barcode above before 30 June 2023!

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