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Sinar Mas Mining, Technology Adoption to Encourage Employees to Perform Multiple Roles

This article was once featured in SWA Magazine

Sinar Mas Mining’s transformation to TechConnect highlights its change from Task Workers to Knowledge Workers through Holacracy-Metaverse Organization, which aims to perform multiple roles activated by predictive and prescriptive analysis. This is due to the development of a very diverse business, including digital technology-based businesses. SMM TechConnect has grown from one pillar to two pillars and handled from 100 companies to 250 companies.

“What differentiates us from before is that we carry out transformation to drive business transformation. With this transformation, we become an important partner in dealing with changes due to disruption,” said our CHRO, P. Swasono Satyo.

SMM TechConnect has been undergoing HR transformation since 2014. SMM TechConnect carries out multiple roles and round robins which are activated by sensitivity, predictive and prescriptive analysis, as well as the redesignation of job descriptions. Starting from here, SMM TechConnect can transform from a task worker to a knowledge worker and adapt to the technology.

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