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Prepare for 2023: Improve Yourself During the Holidays

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Welcoming the new year, means opening a new chapter. This is our opportunity to be better and achieve delayed desires. For that, we need to improve the quality of ourselves. Improving self-quality is a time when we can be more successful and productive in achieving life goals than in previous years.

Here are 3 ways to improve self-quality to welcome 2022. Check it out!

1. Setting Clear Goals As New Year's Resolutions

Make clear goals for the next 1 year with the SMART method:

Specific: Set specific goals

Measurable: Creating goals whose success can be measured

Approachable: The approach to achieving its goals must be feasible.

Realistic: Your goals must be made according to your abilities.

Time-bound: Set exact date in goal achievement

Write down your goals so you can easily see the progress.

2. Build Good Habits Consistently

Building good habits consistently can be the key to improving self-quality. Although it sounds trivial, creating order shows that we are successful in controlling ourselves. So, we feel proud and motivated to achieve our goals.

Building good habits can be started from doing daily activities. For example, cleaning the room, making the bed, and cooking.

3. Giving Self-Rewards to Yourself

Give yourself a self reward every time you succeed in realizing your achievement. This will motivate you more to complete the goals you have set.

Self-rewards can be in the form of items that please you, or in the form of me-time that pampers you. Give this self reward for your various achievements even if it's a small thing.

Your success in achieving goals in the next year depends on you. Improve your quality and make the following years even better.

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