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Positive Feedback: Why It’s Important and How to Deliver It?

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Positive feedback is communication that gives motivation, boosts confidence and shows people you value them. Being clear and concise with other people’s feedback is the most effective way to help people to develop their skills and let them know how they can improve.

Therefore, here are some tips to keep in mind and how to give a greater feedback towards others through the following points:

1. Give feedback quickly

In this case, If you see someone doing something well, address it as soon as possible!

Feedback should be given as soon as possible to guarantee others get the most benefit from it and assure that they fully absorb our feedback.

2. Make it regular

Positive feedback should become an ongoing part of how you interact with people at your workplace. You can act as an example to promote continuous positive feedback on your team.

3. Use examples

Highlight examples of what people are doing well, so they know what to continue doing. For employees who are able to handle difficult tasks or consistently meet tight deadlines give them great feedback as a bright reference point to keep them striving on their work.

4. Highlight achievements

Try to highlight a person’s good work and achievements in front of other people, such as at team meetings or office lunches.

5. Master the delivery

Find the communication tools that help you best deliver positive feedback. If you feel most comfortable and have had the most success giving feedback via email or texts, continue to hone your written feedback skills.

By giving positive feedback, it helps individuals to recognize and hone their skills, develop their areas of improvement and create a general sense of positivity in the workplace.

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