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Pathways to Success: Unfolding Winning Leadership Strategies for Long-Term Journey

Establishing a business from the ground up and attaining noteworthy recognition within the corporate world in under 5 years is a feat deserving of recognition. Therefore, in this podcast, we will delve into the tactics and journey of Hutama Pastika (Tommy), a young CEO with nearly 5 years of experience in media lifestyle and digital investment and crypto trading business.

Q: Tell us about your journey to this point - how did you get here?

From the outset of joining TechConnect, I've held a wish to assume a leading role in decision-making processes. This inclination draws parallels with my six-year tenure in the consulting realm. At that time, we're accustomed to aiding diverse businesses or professionals across the global spectrum, yet we don't bear direct accountability for every choice influencing their long-term viability. Now, I truly sense that I've found my ideal environment. I've been granted the chance to take on the responsibility of ensuring the ongoing success of the business.

However I didn't get to this position right immediately, so when I first joined TechConnect, I didn't focus on a specific business unit, as if I was still a generalist, because TechConnect was still seeking for new industries to expand. After a year, I was entrusted by a shareholder to lead the media lifestyle business, followed by digital investment and crypto trading business.

Q: What are the key factors that contribute to your ability to work during this process?

There will undoubtedly be rapid breakthroughs and changes in the realm of crypto and media lifestyle. But I discovered something fresh in these two industries. Even though there will be ups and downs along the way, the overall journey will make me happy, and the excitement will always be there because there is space to innovate and create actions that can be performed to achieve growth.

The culture here is also one of the factors that contribute to my contentment and ease in performing my duties. Initially, I held the belief that conglomerate enterprises adhered to conventional values and surroundings. However, upon experiencing it firsthand, I realized that TechConnect consistently embraces forward-looking perspectives and adjusts to transformations, ensuring it remains at the forefront of its industry.

The collaboration in carrying out work is also highly noticeable; I have the impression that there does not exist seniority here. When I need advice or assistance, I can simply obtain it from competent advisors. People here help each other to ensure business continuity without bringing down those around them.

Q: How is your experience managing business units in separate industries?

As previously mentioned, my consulting background has given me exposure to various industries. Therefore, when I was initially entrusted with managing these business units, I didn't feel overly apprehensive. I am confident in my foundational knowledge and the lessons I've learned. The key factor lies in comprehending both strengths and weaknesses, as well as maintaining a strong desire to learn.

Although there were individuals more experienced in lifestyle media, my managerial background provided me with the assurance to oversee the business. Similarly, at crypto business, I might not directly handle finance, but my experience in blockchain and eagerness to learn from seasoned professionals led me to collaborate with Billy (COO) who possesses financial expertise. The essential principle here is to remain open to learning, as in the early stages, effective leadership does not necessarily require mastery of every aspect.

Q: Do you encounter any difficulties while establishing collaboration and ensuring alignment of perspectives?

I believe a common error individuals commit upon assuming leadership roles is desiring strict obedience to their commands. However, I've come to understand that numerous team members possess valuable experience and principles, prompting us to engage in active listening. In contemporary times, leadership approaches have evolved, offering diverse avenues to foster connections. It's crucial to hold everyone in esteem. The utmost priority is the operational harmony of all components, with the leader functioning as a facilitator to ensure their smooth operation. The leader must act as a lubricant for the different parts so they can run properly, not like the sun which is the center around which it is surrounded.

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