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New Chance for Expanding Your Borders Through #TechConnectGlobalMobility

Introducing the #TechConnectGlobalMobility program which gives all TechConnect employees the opportunity to explore new stages in their careers. Within this program, employees with the competency to develop careers abroad will be facilitated or placed in appropriate business units such as coal mining and gold mining in Australia, Singapore, West Africa, and other locations.

#TechConnectGlobalMobility offers three programs. Firstly, full-time expatriates, in which employees will learn & develop themselves through full-time international exposure. This program has a duration of one to three years and focuses on the aspects of development, experience & retention.

Secondly, talent development, in which employees will learn through functional expansion in internships or apprenticeships. Employees will be assigned special projects that accommodate future business needs, with a duration of six months to one year. Lastly, talent exchange, where employees will learn and develop through collaborating with other people and cross-learning their best practices. It is a program that promotes skill sharing in similar roles and rapid development, taking place between six months to three years.

So if you are interested, be part of our talent pool by submitting My Aspiration Survey which can be found on SAP FIORI or by applying for vacancies through Internal Job Posting on

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