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Need to Recharge Your Energy? Try Clearing That Overwhelming Feeling Out of Your Home

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If you glance about your house and feel overwhelmed, it could be because you have a lot of items that need your attention.

Life coach Anese Cavanaugh, refers to these as "tolerations" - things you accept but drain your energy. A damaged chair, a blown out lightbulb, a photograph that needs to be framed, a sweater with a lost button: each of these things serves as a reminder to take action. When you have a lot of these things, your house becomes a gigantic To Do list that you live inside, making it impossible to relax.

Overwhelm can also be caused by faulty systems. When your pantry is overflowing, your foyer is disorganized, or your bookshelves are too full, it's a sign that your organizational systems aren't keeping up with your life.

Perhaps you're cooking more and need a better way to store spices. Perhaps, now that your children are older, you require a method to assist them in keeping track of their jackets and shoes. Tweaking these systems can make you feel like you have a solid foundation on which to build your life.

Where to Look in Your Home for Overwhelming Factors:

Piles that must be sorted

Things that are shattered

Things that require care (for example, wood that needs to be oiled or batteries that need to be replenished)

Places where you frequently experience annoyance or friction

Organizational systems that are not functioning properly

Source: TED

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