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My Aspiration Survey: Share Your Opinions, Shape Your Future

Employees are the backbone of the organization. Their satisfaction and engagement play a vital role in the success of the business. In order to increase employee engagement and career progression within the organization, TechConnect creates My Aspiration Survey to the employees. This survey provides a platform for the employee to freely express their opinions and career aspirations, fostering their career development and progression at TechConnect. This survey is open to all employees from the SMM+A business pillar who already have a SAP Fiori account. For this My Aspiration Survey, employees are expected to complete the survey once per year.

Here is the step that must be filled to fill out the survey:

  1. Login to your SAP Fiori account and click ‘Talent’ then click ‘My Aspiration’.

  2. You will enter into the first page of the survey and asked to read the charging instructions

  3. Click “Take Survey”

  4. There are 3 sub-sections of the survey that must be completed namely: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3

  5. After completing the three survey sections, please click “Submit

There are 3 parts of My Aspiration Survey. Here is the steps that you must do to fill out the survey from each part:

PART 1 : Here are the steps that must be filled to fill out the 'Part 1' survey:

  1. Read each of the 17 statements

  2. Choose the answer that fits to your current condition starts at ‘Strongly Disagree’ to ‘Strongly Agree’

PART 2 : Answer the seven questions accordingly your objective opinion regarding:

  1. Short term career aspirations (1-3 years)

  2. Long term aspirations (3-5 years)

  3. Support needed in work

  4. Factors that push to get out of organization

  5. Choose the top 3 job functions which one interested in working

  6. Write a specific role in that function chosen

  7. Choose which industry you are interested in to work

PART 3 : Here are the steps that must be filled to fill out the survey 'Part 3' :

  1. Read situational cases from number 1 up to number 9

  2. Reflect on appropriate behavior indicators with the one closest to yourself in every situational case

  3. Choose 1 of the 3 appropriate answer options with the behavior you would choose if be in that situation

After filling out these 3 parts, the employee will submit the answer, which cannot be changed after submitting. If the employee wants to check the submitted answers, you can access the 'Overview' section on the first page of the My Aspiration survey where there is a description of the status of the last survey previously submitted. The company will maintain confidentiality throughout employee identity and response in the My survey aspiration, because the survey results can only be accessed by the HR team for organizational interests.

Not sure how to do it? No worries!

Just watch the video here for a step by step user manual on how to fill in your survey.

For any questions related to the My Aspiration Survey, you can contact us through WeCare, or via chatbot Jeny in SAP Fiori or send an email to

Let’s convey your aspirations for your better work future!

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