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Moves Application: An Integrated Service Solution for All TechConnect Employees Needs

As a form of implementation and commitment to create a comfortable and integrated work environment, Moves, a mobile application that provides various services and solutions at work, has been made available to all TechConnect employees since September.

With the presence of Moves, all employees are expected to be able to work without problems and easily access the latest information from company activities. For that, the Moves application offers various services such as, Mo Visit (Visitor Management & Information), Mo Booking (Meeting Room booking application), Mo Service (Employee Attendance, Samantha, and TechConnect WeCare Chatbot), Mo Transport (Transport booking application), Mo Send (Documents delivery service), Mo Guide (Office Directory & Information).

Simply by downloading the Moves application on your Smartphone via Play Store, these various services can provide solutions and information anytime and anywhere so that employees can still obtain the best service even during remote work.

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