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Monday Momentum: Jumpstart Your Week with More Energy and Focus

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Monday, the first day of the week, is the day we want to avoid. We all want to skip Monday because we have trouble waking up early, going to work, and facing multiple deadlines. It seems counterintuitive to talk about enjoying Mondays. Honestly, the real reason people fear Monday is because they hate to see Sunday go away. But if we get stuck in the trap of comparing the work week to the weekend, of course we'll get stuck in Monday fear. However, that's because we haven't yet celebrated Monday as the best day to start the week. If we prepare well for Monday, we will accomplish everything that happens on Monday.

The great thing about Monday is that you tend to have more energy than any other day of the week. You can use this energy and motivation, making the most of your time throughout the week. Here are seven tips to help you start your week more pleasantly:

1. Hold a Five-Minute Planning Session

Five minutes is enough to manage the whole week well. Of course, planning is essential to productivity because it gives you a road map of where to move – take a moment every Monday morning to organize your life accordingly. Make a list of tasks you want to complete, important dates, and meetings you need to remember, then assign these activities to specific days. It doesn't have to take time or become strict or rigid. Setting a clear direction for the week will make the path straight and narrow.

2. Create the Energized Weekend

To make Monday the best day of the week, we need to be full of energy on the weekend. So first you need to ask yourself what kind of person you are. How do you replenish your energy? Going out with friends, family and loved ones, or staying home alone? If you like to go out, remember to avoid meeting people who will drain your energy; instead, only meet people who make you happy. If you want to spend time at home alone, read books that inspire you and watch movies that make you happy. So create an energetic weekend so your Monday goes well.

3. Focus on Feeling

While you naturally have the most energy of the workweek on Monday morning, this can quickly be overwhelmed by negative emotions as the weekend comes to a close. Not to mention, your energy levels are constantly changing depending on the season and your cycle. Take stock on Monday morning to see how you're feeling at the start of the week. If you feel more tired, plan your routines around this, try to fill yourself up, and save the more difficult tasks for when you can regain energy. The more you work with your energy levels, focusing on what makes you happy, the more productive and happier you will be.

4. Don’t Miss Your Breakfast

Have you ever realized that eating breakfast improves your day better than anything else? Breakfast can re-energize your body, boost your mood, and improve your ability to concentrate. So this is the most important thing to do on Monday morning before going to work. Have a delicious breakfast and fill your mind with positive emotions to make your Monday productive.

5. Focus on Hydration

You may find it easier to stay hydrated during the work week. When you're in a "normal" routine with access to a bottle of water 24/7. Weekends are a little more relaxed and it's easier to skip drinking water. If you feel extra sluggish on Monday morning, focus on staying hydrated. Drink a glass of warm water first thing in the morning and fill a water bottle to take with you.

6. Get Ready For The Day

Your choice in clothing and preparation matters more than you think. Starting the week on fire will give you the motivation you need to make the most of Monday - allowing it to carry over into Tuesday and Wednesday. According to astrology, white vests are best suited for Monday. But forget it; you can wear any outfit that empowers you and makes you believe you look great. Put on a nice suit, be confident and have the best day of the week. So, get ready for the new day, end the weekend and put all your energy into the work week.

Source: The Livingwell, Pixellion

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