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Manage Your Time and Enjoy Your Free Time

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Working wholeheartedly is indeed very enjoyable, especially if the job is really what you really like. Sometimes we get so late at work that we take our free time that should be for rest, but we are forced to keep working. After finishing work, it feels very tiring to enjoy free time, play and chat with family or friends, or even just listen to music or do hobbies.

Actually, free time is very important in our life. If you pay close attention, maybe there is something wrong with our daily time management. This will certainly have an effect on mental and physical health in the future. Maybe you will feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and stressed after a while. This can be avoided by implementing good time management and how we treat our priorities.

Find Out Our Priorities

First thing first, we need to list down our daily schedules. Write down three to five things you hope to accomplish spectacularly. Don’t forget to review your performance yesterday, so you can increase your performance on that day better.

Set The Doable Steps

We already have the list of what we want to do today or tomorrow. Now we need to break these down into doable steps. We do this by thinking through our day yesterday. Make yourself a few category priority lists for today and the next day within a week, such as your task work, relationship, and yourself. This list of categories will remind you that your priority is not only work but there are other things that must be done in the other 2 categories.

Time is a Time

You have 7 days - 168 hours in a week, you can find time for what matters to you.

If you want to play with your friends, take your kids to the cinema, do some sports exercise, join a sports club, etc, you can do that. Small moments bring great power, you can use your bits of time for bits of joy.

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