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In the world of work, when we apply for a job, it is easy for us to mention our passion and skills. But sometimes, we are even difficult to answer when asked "What are your personalities?". Among us, there must still be those who find it difficult to recognize the personality that is in us or maybe it's only limited to knowing that we are extroverts/introverts.

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The division of personality is not only limited to the choice of extroverts and introverts. The personality of a human itself turns out to be divided into 16 types.

1. ESTP - The Entrepreneur

If new opportunities arise, ESTPs will definitely be at the forefront of pursuing those opportunities. They also always rely on data and patterns when making decisions.

2. ESTJ - The Executive

Life as an ESTJ must be organized, honest, and highly dedicated. No wonder the ESTJ is described as a reliable leader.

3. ESFP - The Performer

A soul full of enthusiasm, cheerful, and has a high social spirit. ESFPs also enjoy being involved in passionate events.

4. ESFJ - The Consul

An ESFJ is very sensitive to what other people need. It's no wonder ESFJs are easy to get along with and interact with other people.

5. ENFJ - The Protagonist

Relying heavily on intuition and feelings in making decisions. If you see yourself being the center of attention and being liked by many people, then you are an ENFJ.

6. ENFP - The Campaigner

Works according to his feelings, likes freedom, is responsive, and always has ideas for the common good.

7. ENTJ - The Commander

Act rationally and logically. That's why an ENTJ always makes decisions very carefully.

8. ENTP - The Debater

Because of their intelligent, knowledgeable personality, and dislike of repetitive routines, an ENTP enjoys solving problems.

9. ISTJ - Inspector

An analytical, critical, and very attentive to detail.

10. ISTP - The Craftsman

Mysterious, happy to work alone, and a very spontaneous person.

11. ISFJ - The Protector

Because the personality is conscientious, efficient, and responsible for the work, an ISFJ enjoys working together and is very sensitive to others.

12. ISFP - The Artist

An ISFP enjoys getting things done in their own way. They have an open mind and enjoy new experiences.

13. INFJ - The Lawyer

Idealistic and creative. They have high empathy and concern for their fellow co-workers.

14. INFP - The Mediator

Just like an INFJ, an INFP is also an idealist. They are also introverted and like to learn new things.

15. INTJ - The Architect

Intuitive and practical thinking. Because of that, they excel when it comes to making a plan or formulating a strategy.

16. INTP - Logicist

Creative, logical, and always there when a solution finds a problem.

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