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How Women Can Overcome Challenges at Work

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Deloitte research showed that women make up fewer than one-quarter of the leaders at financial institutions, and historically, women have been held to higher and unfair standards across industries. As a result, meeting and exceeding the expectations set in the workplace is more challenging for women workers.

Fortunately, things are moving in the right direction according to Stanford University research that states younger millennials are experiencing less gender-related occupational segregation.

This is a good point in today's world of work, but its application also requires a process. Here are some ways to make this happen:

1. Self-advocacy

What is meant by self-advocacy is more than just self-confidence. Self advocacy talks about knowing your worth and making it known. To realize your value, you must be proactive. Whether it's money, time, or self-reflection, investing in yourself is never wasted.

2. Take on target responsibility

A recent study from MIT found that women's "potential" ratings are typically lower than those of men even though women receive higher performance ratings. Meanwhile, according to this study, potential is the driving force behind promotion. Therefore, women are 14% less likely to receive a promotion than their male counterparts.

Understanding profit-and-loss (P&L) can be a lifesaver when you're trying to make any kind of career jump. It's not just about knowing the number—it's about having strategic responsibility for the number. This can be used to prove your worth and support your argument. Ultimately, whatever your role, understanding finances will help you move up the ranks.

3. Learn how to communicate effectively

Mastering the art of communication early in your career can make you a stronger leader in the long run. Effective communication is especially important for women, who are expected to balance authority, credibility, and being liked in a way that our male co-workers are not.

To thrive in your career, the key is to believe in yourself and show what you are capable of. Don't hesitate to show your presence in the work environment as long as you have good potential.

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