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How to Build Your Personal Brand at Work?

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Building a personal brand is an investment you should build as soon as possible. Having a personal brand means you can be easily recognized for your unique self and skills, increases your visibility, as well as give you access to opportunities and growth. A positive personal brand is beneficial to both you and your organization. However, some young professionals who have less experience to build from may have some difficulty on where to start.

The trick is to make your personal brand a fulfilling part of your day-to-day job. Let’s check em out!

1. Define your brand Do this by Identifying three things: uniqueness, values and contributions. Firstly, what unique perspective do you bring to the organization? How does my identity impact my understanding of the world and this business? Secondly, what gives your work purpose? What are your values and what do you stand for? Lastly, given your business experience or studies, what can you bring to the table in your industry? How do you use it to add value to your individual work, team, or field at large? The combined result of these three elements make up your personal brand.

2. Find organizational and initiatives that are aligned with your brand Take a good look at the projects your team is currently carrying out. Do any align with your personal brand? If so, raise your hand to participate. This is a great way to increase your visibility, and showcase your brand internally and outwardly.

3. Connect with colleagues who have similar interests You need colleagues with similar interests to inspire you, support your back, sharpen your message, bring in new perspectives and ideas, and challenge your ideas so that you can refine them. Don’t be shy about inviting people who inspire you to connect over a virtual coffee to learn more.

4. Create and share content Block an hour or two at the very end of your day or week (or whenever is most convenient) to dedicate to content creation. An easy way to start is by reposting articles or news that align with your brand on social media channels. From this feedback, aim to learn, get inspired, re-examine your perspective or ideas, think of new angles, and create something stronger the next time.

Daily Reminder: you are never “too busy” to work on your own personal brand. Once you make it a part of your day-to-day job, it will come to you easily, and grow from there.

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