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How to Build Self Confidence and Prepare Yourself for Success in Life

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Self-confidence is the feeling of faith and trusts in your own abilities, skills, experience, and judgment. It’s the belief that you’re good enough to accomplish the task before you. It’s believing in yourself. People can have different levels of self-confidence in different areas of their life.

Dr. Ivan Joseph has an amazing speech on the TED stage about self-confidence and how to get this skill. His experience as a soccer coach at Ryerson University let him explore the importance of that skill, not just for players but for all our life fields. He used to refer to self-confidence as a skill because he believes that everyone can learn how to build self-confidence and here is some of his advice.

1. Repetition

There is no magic button that manages you of doing something, the only way to get professionalism is to practice over and over and over again.

2. Stop Negative Self-Talk

Keep in mind that "thoughts make actions", what you are believing in today will shape your life tomorrow. Have your own affirmation and believe deeply in it because if you don't believe in yourself, no one else will.

3. Build self-confidence in others

Praise other people's work and you will see how their level goes up. Self-confident people have their own perception that pushes them to interpret their actions according to it, which helps them a lot to try until they succeed.

4. Build your own experience

Nothing builds self-confidence faster than the experience of success. People with high self-confidence tend to have a lot of success because they try things most people would never attempt. Take risks and find out more about yourself.

Self-confidence starts with a belief in yourself in some area of life. You can start there and build on that thing. Go for small wins early and keep raising your level of attempts. Your self-confidence will grow as you prove to yourself what you can do. If other people can accomplish something you can learn from them and do the same thing once you know it’s possible.

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