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From Good to Great: Elevating Your Personal Development Skill

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In today's competitive market, it's important to keep learning and growing to stand out from the crowd. Most importantly, improve your self-development skills. Personal development skills help us grow and learn in all aspects of life. They are useful in almost any situation, whether you're struggling at work or simply feeling stuck in life and looking for a way out. Some skills are more useful than others when it comes to personal development. Adding these skills to your arsenal accelerates your growth. Additionally, by continuing to hone your personal development skills as you grow and advance, you are more likely to feel fulfilled in your personal and professional life.

Here are some of the most important personal development skills one should learn in order to become more capable and confident.

1. Face your fears and overcome them

Letting fear overwhelm you not only hinders your progress, but the longer you hold on to it, the more it drags you down. Take a step out of your comfort zone. If you are afraid of public speaking, take a speech class or join a debate group. If you’re too scared to take risks, find a mentor to help you make the right decisions. It may sound intimidating, but when you are in a situation where you can face your fears and overcome them, you are more likely to learn and develop your confidence.

2. Expand your reading material

Reading is one of the best ways to increase your knowledge and vocabulary. It also helps you stay up to date. By reading more books, a person learns more about the world around him and how he relates to it. It can also stimulate the mind by providing new situations that improve critical thinking skills. To do so, make sure he reads at least one educational or motivational article a day, or more than one a month.

3. Ask others for feedback on your work

Feedback is the breakfast of great leaders and great teams. An independent and unbiased view of your work helps you identify areas where you can do better. Receiving feedback helps us reflect and improve our behavior and prevent us from making the same mistakes. Reach out to family, friends, colleagues, and managers to solicit feedback on current projects and achievements, and leverage their comments and criticisms to identify opportunities for improvement.

4. Observe and learn from others

If you have mentors or colleagues who motivate you to do better, you can also improve by learning from them. Identify traits that you admire about them and try to replicate them in yourself. You can also do this by talking to your mentor. It could be your boss, a professor, someone you look up to, or a professional mentor for personal growth. Having someone to look up to and learn from can help you find ways to develop your personal development skills.

5. Learn a new skill or ability

Learning new skills and abilities can be very beneficial because you can enhance what you already have by enhancing your skills. This makes it more versatile and gives you the tools to meet new challenges. Take job-related courses like coding and creative writing to boost your work even further. You can also take non-specialized courses such as first aid and entrepreneurship.

Here at TechConnect, in order to improve employee’s personal development skills, we provide a digital learning platform, MyLearning. This is a part of the digital transformation effort carried out by TechConnect, where previously the learning process was carried out offline. This is also part of the management's commitment to create inclusive learning, which means that every employee is given an equal opportunity to learn from anywhere and anytime.

Our Digital Curation Development Program Expert of TechConnect, Maheswara Laksmono said that Mylearning is a digital platform provided by TechConnect for employees, so that employees can learn, improve skills and knowledge. MyLearning is equipped with plenty of training content, ranging from courses, webinars, live training sessions and certifications. MyLearning has more than thousands of modules from various institutions both domestic (PPM Manajemen, Kelas.Com. Greatnusa, and many more) or from abroad (edX, Ecornell, and many more).

“Through MyLearning, we hope that employees will find it easier to learn and improve their skills. Besides, they will be able to do their job more effectively. Then, with the feature of certification, we hope that the learning outcomes can be implemented in companies, either improving processes or increasing new innovations. Last but not least, with thousands of content, we hope that employees can enroll to register for the training and complete the training, because in TechConnect there is a culture for certification for several promotions or performance reviews, currently the certification can be taken at Mylearning. So don't hesitate to enroll in the content and complete the training” said Maheswara.

Source : Forbes, Emoovio, World Education Services

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