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Everyone Need Workplace Friendships

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Many say that employees in the office cannot be friends. There must be a distance and strong boundaries between fellow employees. However, in fact, most of your time is spent with people in the office. That means, they also become part of your daily life. So it is very important to build a good relationship with them.

This is the effect you will feel if you have a good relationship at work:

1. Improve your mood

By building friendships, you will be more enthusiastic about starting your work activities and improve your mood at work because you know your friends are there.

2. Increase your productivity

Support and feeling accepted by your colleagues can make you more dedicated to the projects you are working on resulting in better and more productive work commitments.

3. Encourage career growth

When you are comfortable with your co-workers you are more open to seeking advice and assistance. This will make you more confident and comfortable with your job, which will in turn help you grow in your role, company and career.

So what's a good way to start a friendship at work? Check this out!

1. Be positive

A positive attitude at work is very important. When your co-workers are likely to want to be around you if you maintain a positive personality. It can also help you find other positive, upbeat individuals with whom you can discuss ideas and develop friendships. What's more, with a positive mindset, other people may be influenced to be positive.

2. Work in common areas

If your workplace has a gathering area or open space, try to work there. That way, you can interact with other employees working in the area, so you can meet new people or develop existing relationships.

3. Attend work and non-work events

Participate in work events where you can get to know your colleagues, such as an after-work social hour or team building activity. Some workplaces have committees for social activities or other morale-boosting events. Such groups can help you meet other employees and provide you with social events to attend.

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