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Employee Wellness: Health for Growth

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There are many ways that companies can create a work environment which supports their employees to work comfortably and not feel burdened with their day-to-day tasks. Especially for employees who often spend most of their time in the office, the office should be a second home where they feel valued and cared for.

For this reason, companies must create programs that have benefits and impacts – either directly or indirectly – on workers' lives. One program that is often used by companies to maintain retention, as well as attract talent, is the employee wellness program.

There are many benefits of this employee wellness program. Check out the explanation below to find out the benefits that can be obtained:

1. Increase Productivity

If employees have a healthy body, it is certain that their performance productivity for the company will also be better, since they don’t have to worry about health issues. This allows them to work with focus.

2. Increase Spirit of Work

Employees from companies that organize these programs will feel more valued. With this bond and valuable feeling, employees tend to be happier while doing their job and feel increased spirit to do their work.

3. Employer Branding

The employee wellness program can be one way to apply company employer branding. Employees who have benefited from the employee wellness program will increase their referrals to the company. Employee turnover rates can also be low. In addition, the employee wellness program can also attract qualified talent to apply.

4. Reducing Worker Absenteeism Rate

With guaranteed and well-maintained physical health, the rate of absenteeism from work can also decrease, and this can reduce the company's operational costs in terms of workers.

Believing in the importance of employee wellness, TechConnect that is committed to creating a good work environment and supporting employees, participates in presenting the employee wellness program, #TCSEHAT. TechConnect will provide various sports activities online and offline. Starting from basketball, badminton, yoga, zumba, and others.

Apart from that, TechConnect also provides healthy snacks and drinks at the office. The hope is that employees can feel comfortable and have a work-life balance that can affect their productivity and growth.

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