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Distractions Are Killing Our Focus. Here’s How to Fix It

Source: ProofHb

Source: ProofHube that people struggle to focus. We’re bombarded with distractions, burdened by limited times, and drowning under too many incoming requests. What your team may be experiencing, maybe more than a simple case of forgetting to update their calendars with reminders for important tasks –what may appear to be a time management issue is often a problem with focus –and engagement. To put it simply, your team is distracted.

Fortunately, there are things that you can do to help create a workplace that makes it easier for your team to focus –allowing them to produce their best work.

  1. Set Clear Goals. The first step toward creating a focused workforce is by establishing clear expectations –in the form of achievable goals. Make sure you have clearly defined roles –and weekly, or monthly objectives for your team to meet.

  2. Communicate. Keeping your team out of the loop is one of the best ways to discourage them, but communicating with your employees –and giving them the information that they need to do their jobs –well, will help to motivate them.

  3. Welcome Feedback. It’s important to let your team know that you always welcome their feedback and questions. Tell them that they’re welcome to reach out with any issues or concerns that they have, and always respond to their feedback in a positive way.

  4. Create a social hang-out. Your team’s morale matters. Building morale is one of the best ways to self-correct problems within your team. Sometimes, it’s great to get to know your team members outside of the office.

  5. Identify each team member’s strengths. It may be necessary to reorganize your team. Don’t be afraid to move people around to different positions that better suit their strengths and personalities.

Refocusing your team requires a little bit of foresight on your end. When you notice the telltale signs of poor production and sinking morale, get into gear with these five strategies. You’ll be able to keep that train on track, full steam ahead.

Source: BuddyPunch

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