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Delegation and Empowerment: Using the Power of Other People's Help

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Delegation is a vital talent that any leader must master in order to manage people successfully and achieve organizational goals. Delegation mechanisms, however, are not all created equal.

Here are several effective methods for leaders when it comes to delegating duties and responsibilities to their team members.

Provide clear, concise instructions

One helpful method for delegating work and responsibilities to the team is to provide clear and explicit directions. When delegating a task, make it a point to describe expectations, intended objectives, and any resources required. Equally essential is to always make yourself available for any questions that may occur throughout the completion of the task.

Balance delegation and micromanaging

Finding the correct balance between delegation and micromanagement is the key to efficiently assigning work and responsibilities to your team. It is not enough to simply delegate responsibilities to your team; you should also be prepared to provide direction and help as needed to ensure that things run smoothly.

Assign tasks to the right people

One error that corporate executives make is assigning too much work to the wrong individual. As a result, the highest-performing team members with the most distinct skill sets spend their time on low-level duties or laborious manual activities simply because they can complete them quickly. If this seems similar, you could be squandering valuable resources.

Model the behavior you'd like to see

Be mindful that if you do not follow through on your promises, so will your team. Therefore, the most effective delegating method is to be completely clear about what you will be doing when other chores are allocated, and set a good example.

Source: Forbes

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