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Crafting An Equity in the Workplace

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Recently, Diversity and Inclusion (D&I), or Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) is becoming more than just a hot topic for businesses around the world. Workplaces are starting to be required to uphold and pay attention to these things to ensure the welfare of their employees. Likewise, workers welcome this culture along with increasing attention to well-being in the workplace.

Therefore, here are some highlights that can be the basis for creating equity in the workplace:

Become a role model for the next generation

Fostering equality in the workplace goes beyond the current generation of workers, too. The leaders usually become a reference and example for the team members. For this reason, leaders must take part in demonstrating the values ​​of equality so that other prospective leaders can become even better leaders with the values ​​that have been formed.

Going beyond mentoring at the workplace

Rather than just giving advice and guidance to less experienced employees within the organization, try to go beyond by sponsorship. Sponsorship is about investing in an employee’s career and using your influence and network to connect them to high-profile assignments or decision-makers.

Childcare-related policies or facilities

Equity not only concerns gender and position, but also the status of working parents. Many employees work while taking care of children. For that, they will do better with policies or facilities that help them.

This is a concern that is considered within TechConnect. TechConnect creates various policies and facilities that support working parents such as SMM Daycare. Working parents can entrust their children to SMM Daycare when they work in the office, so that working parents can work productively and calmly without fear of neglecting their children.

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