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In-person networking can be a valuable way to meet new people, share ideas and resources, and find job or business opportunities. To put it bluntly, stagnating intellectually in the competitive business world can be fatal to your venture. You need to be able to adapt as necessary in order to succeed in an environment where strategies and business models are constantly shifting. Thankfully, some tried-and-true networking tips will help you network like a pro, no matter your industry. So dust off your best elevator pitch and break out your business card. You are going to step up your network with others. New years mean new you in a better way!

But how do you go about doing that effectively? Here are a few tips for a step up your good network.

1. Rock up with confidence

It’s the key to making an emotional connection with your listeners. The writing you produce needs to be as original as you are. Whatever you choose, be sure it’s truly representative of who you are. There are a few possible outcomes when you pass off someone else’s writing as your own. Try not to put pressure on yourself and see it as a casual meet-up with a bunch of people with similar goals to you. To help you relax in the run-up to the event, be sure to set achievable goals and expectations before you go. Keep your chin up and your goals in mind – positivity is key.

2. Open any new opportunities and collaborations

Networking can lead to unexpected opportunities, so be open to exploring new ideas and connections that come your way, even if they initially seem outside your comfort zone. The best networkers know how to build meaningful relationships and when an option is worth pursuing. This might mean going above and beyond to help a colleague or friend, or it could involve considering a collaboration you hadn't considered before. Don’t shut down just because it’s not exactly what you were looking for. Be open to all opportunities and follow your gut.

3. Follow up after doing a meeting

You had a great conversation with someone at an event, and now you want to follow up and keep the conversation going. You can exchange contact information and add each other on social media. If they don't respond, don't take it personally; they might be busy or not interested in staying in touch. In that case, the best thing to do is move on and focus on the connections that you did make. Often, the most valuable networking takes place before or after the main event, when you have more time to have in-depth conversations with people. Make sure to arrive early or stay late to take advantage of these opportunities.


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