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Being visible as Career Women in Tech Industry

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In over a decade, there are many excellent women working as experts in the IT Industry, including software developers, solution architects, product managers, and even company founders. There are many women working for tech companies who can compete with men. Visibility and representation is palpable, this is because there are already many career women who have been involved in many big projects and shown their work.

But some companies in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) sectors are still dominated by men. To quote Forbes, many women said that in the Tech environment, they often feel discouraged from talking about their achievements or promoting their expertise, and this leaves them psychologically reliant on the opinions and judgments of their colleagues and managers.

To convince everyone, women also need to demonstrate their ability to compete with men in the tech industry. Here are three ways for women to gain visibility in Tech companies.

1. Join Professional Training

Joining professional training and obtaining technical certifications is a great plan that enhances the visibility of women in tech organizations. Women need authoritative certifications that are solid proof of expertise in a specific tech area. Such certifications are 100% verifiable and can be propagated via all social media and other informational media such as email signatures, LinkedIn profiles, business cards, etc. This can help women earn a reputation as an expert in a specific domain and ensure higher visibility.

2. Expert in Public Speaking

Women must also be good at public speaking to further convince the other person about their abilities. Also, need to be seen and heard as thought leaders and scale up their presence in tech-related media fields. We can start with leading webinars, podcasts, conferences, board events, and knowledge-sharing events that can help women position themselves as a respected source of information and as an advocate for innovation and tech expertise.

3. Create Networking As Much As You Can

Attending industry events and meet-ups is the right way to meet the right people, make friends in the tech sphere, and beef up your contact book. Another great professional networking strategy is connecting with professionals peer and tech influencers on social media and collaborating to produce content together. Even collaborating with them to create content to expose your expertise to the public.

4. Embrace What Makes You Different

Show up as yourself, show everyone who you are. It’s okay to be different. Consider transforming your differences into unique assets and then amplifying them consistently and intentionally. In the end, it’s your core differentiators that add value to any interaction, relationship, or transaction, making you indispensable and giving you long-term leverage.

5. Speak Up For Yourself And Other Women

Ask for what you want, tell them what you want, and believe you and every woman are worth it. Ask your women employees what they want, and hear their voice about the company.

To promote equality and overcome outdated stereotypes, strong women in tech need to gain more visibility and apply those 2 ways in their life. This will lead to more career opportunities, more tech workforce participation, and better business results for companies.

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