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Be Inclusive by Supporting Your Colleague During Ramadan

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Ramadan means fasting from food and drink while at work for many Muslims. So, how can non-Muslim colleagues be helpful without inadvertently expressing a microaggression toward someone who is fasting during Ramadan?

Be considerate

During Ramadan, Muslims are likely to rise early in the morning for Suhoor and fast during the day. As a result, their productivity levels may suffer throughout the day, particularly at the end of the day when they are most weary. Consider your coworkers who are fasting, assist them throughout the month, and make adjustments to meeting arrangements to make their working day easier.

Be mindful of prayer times

You may observe your Muslim colleagues taking short breaks to pray during Ramadan or throughout the year.

It is critical to be aware of this and to provide your coworkers with time and a quiet location to pray.

Don’t ask why someone isn’t fasting

There are numerous reasons why a person may not fast during Ramadan, including pregnancy, illness, or travel. Muslim women do not fast during their periods and may not want to reveal this to everyone. If you notice a colleague who is not fasting, avoid asking them unless they bring it up themselves.

Don’t worry about eating secretly

Whilst it is very thoughtful, Muslims who are fasting don’t want you to stop eating around them because they are fasting. They are used to this and it is part of the Ramadan experience for them. However, colleagues and friends should be mindful and not ask too many questions about food.

Source: Mirror

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