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As we know, Indonesia and the world have now returned to "normal life". Indonesia itself has now revoked the regulation limiting community activities. Schools, offices, and shopping centers have returned to normal operations without restrictions. After being locked down for so long, there’s a hunger and lust for something new, exciting, and adventurous, working mothers are no exception, who are also feeling the effects of the pandemic.

As a working mom in the middle of a health pandemic issue, it is forced many mothers have to choose between family and career. They have to be balanced, productive, and caring, in booth choice. Here are tips to keep those balances, especially in this post-pandemic era:

1. Create a Planning System That Works for You

Research various kinds of systems that will work effectively if applied on a daily basis. We can see from YouTube or influencers on social media and follow the example of how they create a good and effective planning system for their work. After you found a system that matches you, Plan ahead, set dates to do it and commit.

2. Set Goals and Priority

In order to measure productivity, you need to set goals to measure properly. If you do not set goals, I guarantee you will end up feeling like you are always doing things but not really sure what you accomplished. The exact method you use to set and accomplish goals may be different than mine, but setting goals is crucial to feeling anchored and productive as a working mom.

3. Work-Life - Health Balance

In order to focus, stay on task, and take care of your kids you need to make sure you are the best version of yourself, which includes your entire body. Physically and mentally!

You might have to stay up late but ensure that you are consistent with your sleeping and wake-up time. Eating well, sleeping well, and working out are the important things. Besides that, a working mom has to take a day off the week or the whole weekend off work. It will help to boost your level of productivity for the following week as you are better recharged.

4. Have a Focused Time Alone

There are two important components to this tip being successful. You need to be alone and you need to be able to be productive. You need a dedicated workspace to help boost your productivity as a working mom. You can’t work just anywhere, or you won’t work at all. Listening to music is refreshing and effective for productivity, you can do this if you want to focus alone by yourself. But stay away from lyrical music, especially if you know the lyrics. Instrumentals always help to work better.

5. Simplify and Declutter Some Stuff

Minimalism is trending and for a good reason. We have access to and the ability to purchase more things than people ever have been able to in history. Unfortunately, these things end up not only competing for our time and attention they can also make it difficult to do things like cleaning because you have to tidy all your stuff first. Simplifying and decluttering where ever possible. This could be physical, digital, or mental. It is amazing how focused you can be when things are not cluttering your space or mind!

But don’t take too much cluttering, Cluttering sometimes keeps the brain busy with other things and reduces productivity. Decluttering is critical, even in your email mailbox. Just clear up unnecessary things around you.


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