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Currently, the topic of AI (Artificial Intelligence) is talked about very often around the world. In Indonesia, AI is often the subject of discussion and research material as something to be further developed and applied.

Indonesia already has a National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence 2020-2045, which serves as a watershed moment for AI applications. This is expected to boost the Indonesian economy in the future. The Indonesian government's National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence attempts to improve the use of cutting-edge technology, particularly AI. These activities aim to improve efficiency and effectiveness across a wide range of industries. AI mastery is also encouraged by the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) for use in a variety of strategic areas.

The most recent developments and applications of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in Indonesia are done through the Research Organization for the Assessment and Application of Technology (OR PPT) and the collaboration of Artificial Intelligence Research and Innovation (KORIKA).

The main goal of the National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence is to shift from a government-driven to a demand-driven axis through collaboration. The National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence led to the establishment of the Artificial Intelligence Innovation Centre (PIKA), which eventually gave rise to KORIKA. KORIKA is a non-profit orchestrator organization that promotes the creation of an environment that fosters artificial intelligence innovation. The goal is to create and strengthen an Indonesian economy that is in sync with global trends such as the digital, green, and blue economies.

In the world of education in Indonesia, AI will be very helpful in several ways, one of which is:

- Administrative duties

Which are typically a burden for lecturers during the accreditation application process, and can now be facilitated using technology. Education will also become more personalized, with students able to develop themselves based on their interests and skills. Students must cultivate not only general intelligence but also a character in order to face future challenges.

- Issues in educational establishments

AI can help universities accelerate the quality of their institution and education, which is in line with the Freedom Study - Freedom Campus mission.

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