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A New Chapter of Technology That Changes Work Environment

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The presence of robots, AI, metaverse, even the beginning of Web 3.0, brings fresh and new changes to the modern work environment. These various technologies are expected to increase efficiency, productivity, and welfare.

Not only that, the human interaction involved in the company is also changing. Let's take a look at some of the changes that may occur due to the presence of these technologies!

1. Hiring process has transformed

Artificial Intelligence is one of technologies that made a significant change to the workplace even before new candidates step into the company. This technology helps recruiters for resume screening, reviewing cover letters, and even conducting virtual interviews. This of course facilitates the work of human resources department but on the other hand reduces interaction and engagement with prospective job applicants.

2. Employees become less irritable

Through a series of eight studies, researchers concluded that employees tend to be much less angry when they learn that an algorithm discriminates than when humans do it. This shows that they are less likely to blame the company.

3. Increasing engagement

A study examining data from more than 200 employees in higher education concluded that electronic performance monitoring can increase employee engagement. Some of them think digital tools are fairer than traditional monitoring systems. As a result, this makes employees identify more strongly with their company and thus feel more invested and engaged in their work.

Despite all that, technology has brought about great changes. Ready or not, each of us has to start adapting.

Article source: Harvard Business Review

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