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4 Techniques to Get a Better Brainstorming with Your Team


Before carrying out execution in a project, a mature plan is needed. The plan certainly did not come suddenly. It takes time and cooperation between team members, especially in the brainstorming stage, a fairly basic but very important stage. From the right brainstorming, a big and good project will emerge. For that, there are several techniques you can do to create a good brainstorm with your team. Find out more:

1. Round-robin brainstorming

This technique encourages all team members to come up with ideas and get involved. The team should make it around the whole room at least once before another idea or discussion at the second phase.

2. Mind mapping

This is the right technique if you’re a person that thinks visually. Start with one idea and then draw lines connecting sub-ideas to the first one. It is a good approach to develop the raw idea that comes up first at the beginning.

3. Rapid ideation

In rapid ideation, before any ideas are discussed, critiqued, or fleshed out, everyone writes down as many ideas as possible in a set amount of time. For this brainstorming technique, you’ll risk losing the sense of urgency if you don't set (and stick to) a time constraint. So, make sure you’re doing it in the right way.

4. Starbursting

This technique can be implemented when a team has already selected an idea to elaborate upon and potentially execute. Your team will start with an idea or challenge at the center and then create a six-point star around it which represents a question: who, what, when, where, why, and how. Starbursting encourages the group to examine an idea from every angle because it focuses on questions rather than answers.

Make sure the technique you use when brainstorming is correct and adjust it to the way your team members work to make it more effective.

Source: wework

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